SUMMARY: Multi-Printer Queue

From: Jane Qu (
Date: Mon Apr 29 1996 - 09:43:07 CDT

Thanks to Glenn Satchell, Milt Webb and others who have sent me
the answer but the mail is still on the way for taking the time to
help me.

The answer is:

Set up a printer class and assign it to all the printers of the queue.
Specify the class as the destination when printing.

The question is:

> Now I have JetAdmin installed on the printer server, a sparc 20
> with solaris 2.4. Is there a way that I can set up more than 1
> printers for one printing queue? That is, jobs are sent to Printer
> #1 first, if Printer #1 is busy, jobs are sent to Printer #2
> automatically and so on.

Jane Qu

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