SUMMERY: Autorepeat rate

From: Yaron Hemi, Trendline LTD. (
Date: Sun Apr 28 1996 - 02:57:51 CDT


Sorry it took me so long to summerise, all I can say is when you write
scripts with rm -rf in them, check that you actually point to the correct
directory \-:

Anyway, thanks to everyone who replied, including the ones who thought
their reply is no good (is was (-: ). So far, they are:


My original question was How can you change the Autorepeat Rate under
Openwin on Solaris 2.5

Apparently this solution is for Openwin in general. man Xsun has the
answer. What you do is:

openwin -ar1 <delay> -ar2 <rate>

Gotta love those argument names. <delay> is the time a key needs to be
pressed before it starts repeating, and <rate> is the rate at which it is
repeated. Probably have to fiddle around with it to find something you're
comfortable with.

                Thanks again to all,


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