SUMMARY: Change IP Address of Solaris host

From: Bob Reardon (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 17:17:13 CDT

The question was, what must be done in order to change the IP address
of a Solaris 2 host?
Respondents had 2 different methods, but all agree that it should be easy.
Method #1: Just edit hosts file, and fixup DNS etc.
Method #2: As root, run sys-unconfig and answer the questions. There is
                a good man file for this.
Thanks to all who responded:( there were no flames ) (Mark S. Anderson)
"Christopher L. Barnard" <> (Gregory M Polanski)
"Mike D. Kail" <>
Justin Young <>
Asim Zuberi <>
Rahul Roy <>
Roi Gift <> (Dirk Jansen)
janem@seacat-71.Eng.Sun.COM (Jane Medefesser)

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