SUMMARY: hardware address not found

From: Jean Baptiste (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 16:21:08 CDT

Thanks to the following people for their responses:

I wrote:

>SUN managers
>I am trying to find out the offending mahine
>Apr 22 07:10:04 pecos bootpd[4494]: hardware address not found: 008072001F76
>So far I have tried
> - doing an arp -a |grep 76.
> - checking the /etc/bootptab file
> - checking the /etc/printcap file
> -
>Please Help !!!

Here are some excerpts from responses I got. The last response provided the best tip for me to find the offending machine. We do use Microplexes here.


It may be off on another network somewhere. We once had a X-terminal that did this and it took a sniffer to find it. It was outside of our router and therefore it was not getting arped. ---

Maybe, just maybe there's a bad ethernet card somewhere or some xterminal's trying to xdmcmp with you. ---

/etc/ethers. BTW, this machine doesn't sound like a SUN, or else it's /etc/ethers entry is munged. Most (all?) SUNs are 8:0:20:xx:xx:xx. ---

Just as the error states.. hardware address not found... This machine is not registered in any of your bootp tables.. You will have to manually figure out which machine is sending out these bootp requests.. OR

Add that machine to your bootp tables but give it a totally bogus IP address and see who complains about not being able to connect to the network.. ---

First try to ping the m/c and then try arp -a to get its ethernet address. You have to be little more explicit on your problem. Actually what had happen.

--- Try this,

% ping a.b.c.255 % arp -a ----

I can tell you this it is a Microplex Systems piece of hardware.

Try using SNOOP from sol. 2.5 to figure out who it is. It will decode the IP info and the MAC info.

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