SUMMARY: Ascii to Postscript Filter

From: Jane Qu (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 15:54:37 CDT

Thanks to the following people who kindly spent time to respond to my question:

Robert Fulwiler
Michael Baumann
Peter Ells
Glenn Satchell
Justin Young
Laura Taylor
Fedor Gnuchev
Thomas Koette
Christoph Rothlin
Tox Gunn
Hal Stern
Roddy McColl
Alan Hill
Richard Savage
Sameer Vadakke-Kuruppath
Gregory M Polanski
Paul Burke

The solution is:

Download and install JetAdmin from

My original question is:

> Hi,
> Our group has an HP Laser Jet 4M Plus on our sub net. Currently an alpha station
> is the printer server. All printing jobs are sent to the alpha station. The filter
> on the alpha station can not be used for a remote printer. We have to have two
> different queues, one for Postscript and one for text files. I wonder if there's
> a filter that work for remote printers available on our sun workstation or can be
> obtained free of charge, We have a sparc 20 with Solaris 2.4. The filter should
> be transparent to files already in Postscript format and convert ASCII files to
> Postscript files.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jane Qu

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