SUMMARY: A question about floppy

Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 13:10:41 CDT

My original question was:


Hi, Friends:

A question about the floppy drive:

In SunOS 4.1.3, if you want to use a floppy from command line,
you can use, for example, `tar cvf /dev/fd0 myfile.doc`, to
copy a file to the floppy; or `tar xvf /dev/fd0 myfile.doc`
to extract a file from floppy.

In Solaris, we can use the file manager to copy, remove....etc
files from floppy. My question are: (1).Can we use such command
line to do things on floppy? The reason I'm asking this is
whenever I typed, for example, `tar cvf /dev/fd0 file.doc`,
the system told me: tar: /dev/fd0:
tar: directory checksum error (0 != 14248)
(2). Are the format of the floppy on these two operation systems
the same? I'm asking this because when I tried to extract a file
from a Solaris 2.4-formatted floppy on a SunOS 4.1.3_u1 system
by using the command line `tar xvf /dev/fd0 file.doc`, I got the
error message on the SunOS system: cheksum error:

Any help is appreciated.




The answers are:

The SunOS format is a tar format and the Solaris format is
a fs format if the "vold" daemon is running.

If you want to use the tar command (eg, tar xvf /dev/fd0 or
tar cvf /dev/fd0) to interchange the files between two systems,
on the Solaris system, you need to kill the vold daemon first:

ps -ef | grep vold
kill pid_of_vold

then you can use tar command to interchange data.

If the vold exists, you won't be able to use tar command on a
Solaris system.

Thanks for all the people who gave the answers.



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