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From: Mr Rene Occelli (
Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 09:41:29 CDT

In my preceeding mail I was discussed about a ramdonly strange problem of
rlogin or rsh denied as root from one machine to another.

My NIS and MAIL server is running 4.1.3
On my network I've some machines running 4.1.3 or 2.5

I have put the correct hostnames in the /.rhosts of each machines, so I can
rlogin or rsh as root from one machine to another.

SOMETIMES but only SOMETIMES rlogin or rsh as root ON the server (which runs
4.1.3) is denied from any machines. This problen has never occured when all
the network was under 4.1.3.

The problem of rlogin is unimportant, but rsh denied caused a problem, because
on the server there was a DAT for backup schedules. Sometimes the
backup procedure fails because of some rsh command were denied.

The SOLUTION comes from (Kevin W. Thomas)
On Solaris 1.x, root logins are disabled on the /etc/ttytab file.
Looking inside the /etc/ttytab file I found this :
ttyp0 none network off secure
ttyp1 none network off secure
ttyp2 none network off secure
ttyp3 none network off secure
ttyp4 none network off nosecure
ttyp5 none network off nosecure
And in the /var/adm/messages files
Apr 25 14:47:36 iusti login: ROOT LOGIN REFUSED ON ttyp4 FROM Lola

The /etc/ttytab file shows that root login are denied for connection
on the network greather than ttyp3.
I've changed this and allowed connection till ttyp9, and the problem
has disappeared.

I think that, till a certain time, my network was small enough that there
were few networks connections, so this problem had never occured.

Many thanks to all people.


I've received a lot of mail concerning a security hole with the
.rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv file. In my preceeding mail I was talking about
a + in this file. This was only for simplicity. In these files there are
only the hostnames of my network. Thanks anymway

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