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Date: Fri Apr 26 1996 - 07:54:19 CDT

Hello admins...

The original query was:

 |Hello admins...
 |I need to delegate to an operator a certain function...
 |that he can CHANGE or ASSIGN passwords for users, but nothing else.
 |I tried changing "/usr/bin/passwd" permissions, and
 |putting the "normal account" into /etc/group in groups like
 |root, sysadmin, sys. but it doesn't let me do
 |passwd user
 |The user CAN though, execute the "vipw" but i don't want him
 |to have that much access.
 |Is there a way to do this without giving him too much permissions?
 |Thanks in advance..

Thanks for the FAST replies...and to these people so far...

 Jason L Tibbitts III <>
 Stephen Potter <>
 Nicky Ayoub <Nicky.Ayoub@Microchip.COM> (Sean Beeg) (Gary A. Coppeler)
 Michael Blandford <>
 "Ashish Pant" <>
 Reto Lichtensteiger <>
 Jhon Honce <>
 Todd Michael Kennedy <>
 Sahir Siddiqui <>
 Dougal Scott <>
 Kevin Davidson <>
 Brad Young <>

The winner was "sudo", which can grant a certain user access to a
certain root command.

Other winners are:
 passwdd, in use at
write perl script to run suid and put it under a c wrapper

CAUTION: the delegated person might run "passwd root" as well, so a nice
before-sudo script would be nice.

sudo may be found in many places using archie, or others...

Thanks again you folks...I'll try sudo.. :)

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