SUMMARY: Moving NIS+-Cluster to a different Subnet

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Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 03:31:08 CDT

Hi SUN Gurus,
my orginal question was:

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We are running a NIS+ cluster and haved finished connecting
the systems via a network hub (a mix of
10BaseT, FDDI and later on ATM). Now we plan to switch
the subnet address of each NIS+ system without changing
their canonical hostname!!

Are there any problems with NIS+
(for example with the host credentials)?

If not, the proceeding is (usage of routed is supposed):
  1.) updating hosts.org_dir
  2.) updating /etc/hosts on each system
  3.) shutting down each system
  4.) boot the master
  5.) boot replicas
  6.) boot clients

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Thanks to Willi Burmeister who has replied to my question.
One has to be aware of the /var/nis/NIS_COLD_START file.
This file includes the IP-adresses (and ports) of all
NIS+-Server. There is no name-resolution used by NIS+
during binding to the server.

That means, one should dump the NIS+-tables clean up NIS+
completely and then switch to the new IP-addresses. After that
NIS+ must be reconstructed.

The result is a one day effort with a lot of down-time!
I do not believe that SUN has designed their NIS+ software
well, especially if such an easy task as switching the
IP-addresses (or upgrading the system) will result in such
an effort.

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