SUMMARY: Eudora, POP & DNS problem...

From: Marcelo Maraboli (
Date: Wed Apr 24 1996 - 10:53:13 CDT

Hello Admins..

Well...I found the bug....

Here is the original question..

>I have a problem with SLIP users who are using Eudora Mail to read
>via POP their mail on a SOlaris 2.5 SS20.
>A SLIP user CAN do Netscape, READ mail with Eudora, but CAN'T SEND mail
>with eudora....that discards Modem problems..
>I connect via Eudora here (via Ethernet) to His account and READ and SEND
>mail via Eudora..!!!
>There are a bunch of users who have the same problem and they are connected
>to a CISCO router with differnt IP's, not registered in the local DNS.
>We had a major change yesterday (when the problems started) and that was
>move all the accounts to this Solaris 2.5 with Berkeley sendmail and
>QPOP installed.
>I have to enfazize that via Ethernet with a Registered IP name, there is no
>problem, even with the same account, but via SLIP without a registered
>IP, Eudora can't SEND email, but READ.
>Before the change, the SLIP IP's weren't registered also.
>Is QPOP configuration the problem??
>Please help..I'd appreciate any help that you can give me..

I used a PC connected via Ethernet to use a user's SLIP account and with
HIS IP ADDRESS..and since it wasn't registered it gave me tha same problem.

Sendmail 8.7.5 looks up the IP in DNS for security purpose and
 denys (misspelled?) access to write a mail with Eudora.

I also tried Netscape's 2.0 mail and it had no problem because it doesn't
do this security check.

So, after adding 50 IP addresses to DNS, everything works fine...

so, if you are planning to use Sendmail 8.7.5 and POP and Eudora, register
those missing IPs before.

Thanks to all the people who pointed ALL directions, It gave me a lot
of starting points...


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