Summary "pwd: cannont determine" error

From: Bradley S. Piatek (
Date: Wed Apr 24 1996 - 07:28:48 CDT

Thanks to all that replied.

The original problem:

I was mounting a /faculty3 directory from our file server to a lab of
16 workstations. Users with home directories under /faculty3 received a
"pwd: cannot determine current directory!" when logged into the client

The resolution:

The concensus was that the /faculty3 directory on each of the clients
needed at least 755 permissions before mounting from the main file
server. My mistake was that I was checking the permissions of this
directory on the clients after mounting from the file server. Because
the permissions for /faculty3 were 755 on the file server they also
appeared to be 755 on the clients mounted directory.

So to resolve the problem umount /faculty3 on each client, chmod 755
/faculty3 and remount.

Thanks again to all that replied.

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