SUMMARY: 4.1.x to 2.5 migration

From: Jim Faust (
Date: Wed Apr 24 1996 - 11:26:27 CDT

My Question:

I'm about to begin the process of migration from 4.1.x to 2.5 and would
appreciate any suggestions for a book or books that would help this
process, preferably one that will show BSD commands/procedures and their
equivalent Solaris 2 counterparts.

Several people recommended the following reference books by Janice Winsor:
"Solaris System Administrator's Guide" (ISBN 1-56276-080-7)
"Solaris Advanced System Administrator's Guide" (ISBN 1-56276-131-5)

Also, several people pointed me to Sun's Solaris migration page:

I was told about the "Solaris 1.x to 2.x Transition Guide". Which can
be found in the "Sun Answerbook" and can be ordered separately from Sun
(PN 801-2815-10)

One interesting contribution was "" for email

I was also told to run for a while on one system, avoid using the default
partition table and load the BSD compatibility package.


Thanks to the following for their recommendations:

Colin Melville
Asim Zuberi
Rick Fincher
Patrick O'Brien
Rene Occelli
Dan A. Zambon
Huachie Lee huachie@DOPEY.CS.NYU.EDU
Sahir Siddiqui
Paul Roland

Thanks to all that contributed information, forgive me if I left you off
the above list, I got a lot of good replies.


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