SUMMARY: Customizing Workspace Menu in CDE

From: Stefan Frick (
Date: Wed Apr 24 1996 - 07:50:26 CDT

Original problem:

After modifying /ust/dt/config/C/sys.dtwrc some of the newly added
applications didn't work/start, eg. FrameMaker.

The menu section looks like this:

Menu TaGMenu
        "Text and Graphics" f.title
        "FrameMaker 5.01..." f.exec $FMHOME/bin/imaker
        "Acrobat Reader..." f.exec /opt/AcroRead/bin/acroread
        "Myriad..." f.exec /opt/local/myriad/myriad
        "AsWedit..." f.exec /opt/local/bin/asWedit -helpdir /opt/local/lib

First Solution:

I replaced the $FMHOME with the full path for Frame and then it started ok.
asWedit required that the command was put in double quotes, like this:

"AsWedit..." f.exec "/opt/local/bin/asWedit -helpdir /opt/local/lib"

However, I still had some problems with two xview-based applications that refused
to start and no error messages were displayed in the console window.

Second Solution:

adding 'export dtstart_sessionlogfile="/dev/console"' to the end of $HOME/.dtprofile
at least showed what was going wrong. Both apps. couldn't find '', so
the corresponding section of sys.dtwrc now looks like:

f.exec "setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/openwin/lib;/opt/local/PItool/bin/pitool"

I still have a problem with a Tk/TCL-based application, but I guess it's a similar
problem with an undefined/unresolved path.

Somebody pointed out it was a bad idea to make changes to /usr/dt/config/C/sys.dtwrc,
instead they should be carried out on /etc/dt/config. Well, since all my clients are
installed as 'dataless' and mounts /usr from the server there's not much to choose
from, is it?

Thanks to all who replied!


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