SUMMARY: Connecting Isolated Networks

From: Thang Victor Dinh (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 11:54:59 CDT

Thanks to the following for their inputs : (Julio Villacis - Ing. de Sistemas)


I posted this question a few weeks ago and I didn't explain myself quite
clearly. Let me start this time with a diagram of my network setup.

-------------- ---------- ---------- -------------
| Internet |_______| Linux |__________| My |___??____ | Sun |
| Provider | | Box | | PC | | |
| | | | | | |SPARC |
-------------- ---------- --------- -----------
                                                           | Novell |
                                                           | Netware |

My PC: Windows 95 running Novell Netware client (IPX/SPX), TCP/IP stack. From
my PC, I have access to both the Novell network and the Linux box, but not the
Sun cluster.
Sun SPARC: My Sun cluster is isolated from both the Novell and the Linux box.
Itself is on a diiferent IP subnet from the Linux box and is local to us here

Problem: Are there ways for me to access all three networks form my PC ? I can
easily put the Sun SPARC network on the same IP subnet as the LINUX box but I
still want to isolate my Suns from the outside. Building a firewall is not
feasible for us right now. Any recommendation/suggestion to a
freeware/shareware/commercial software will be appreciated.


1) firewall solutions
   Freeware - TIS Toolkit and Socks
   Commercial - Firewall-1 (x86, SunOS and Solaris)

2) A router that will handle translation as it were
    from the real IP (outside to internet and Linux) to inside
    (Sun and Novell). The Sun's can do it but it breaks Internet access from
    internal machines. Routing won't work so hot - you need a proxy.
    The best bet is Firewall-1. It does the address translation (illegal
addresses to
     legal ones) and gives some very rock solid protection with *very* easy
    to use administration.

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