SUMMARY : sparc5 not getting on to network by itself

From: Dharminder Dargan (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 07:00:26 CDT

Tony Kay <Tony.Kay@dubai.Sun.COM>

MY questions was :

I have just installed one sparc5/85 with solaris 2.4.All the patches were
installed .Now the problem

After completing the installation the machine was visible on network ,after
reboot the ip address which machine is having does not answer even with
ping .The solution to this was to log into the machine and just issue a
ping command to any host , and it appears that it has open some gateway
.After this machine is visible on the net and everything works fine telnet
,ftp etc.

Has anybody seen a similar problems.Please advice

I will summarize all the responses


IT seems to be a known bug ,and quick solution is to put a ping script
to router address in /etc/rc2.d , which i also did.But one thing remained
that this problem is not common to all the platforms ,specially I have not
seen that in ss20.

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