SUMMARY: What to choose ?

From: Haim Stotsky (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 02:15:33 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

Thank to all who responed to my question which was :

>I'm going to run ORACLE V7.2 with masive database,
>i have to choose between two options :
>1. SUN with 4x125Mhz Hyper Sparc CPU 9539 Specrate INT 92
>2. SUN with 2x150Mhz Hyper Sparc CPU 8758 Specrate INT 92
>All the other configuration is errelevant .

From: (David K. Pepper)

Unless your workload can be effectively distributed among the 4 processors,
I would choose the 2 processor system.

First one. Oracle is very CPU intensive and yet scales well with
multiple CPUs.


From: mshon@sunrock.East.Sun.COM (Michael J. Shon {*Prof Services} Sun Rochester)

I would probably go with 4 processors.
Unless something forces the activity onto a single non-threaded process,
you will get more work done with 4 than with two.

Oracle normally runs quite a few processes.

From: (Frank Allan - Network Manager)

don't buy either, buy one of the Ultra machines - you will get significantly
better performance, much better expandability, and at a lower cost than the
HyperSparc machines. Some of the server configurations have only been
released this week, but they are muach better value than the HyoerSparcs.

Talk to your local Sun people ASAP.


From: (Fletcher Cocquyt)

I would go with 4 instead of two...your DBA should be able to tune
Oracle to take advantage of the extra processors to get more queries done
(in parallel).

Also verify that the CPU's have the same amount of cache...that will greatly
affect performance. (Our 125MHz hypersparcs have 512k of cache, but some
have only 256k)

From: Bill Haynes <>

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From: (Dave McFerren)

I have oracle running on a sparc 1000 and on a sparcstation 20. When oracle runs, it appears to be single threaded. Unless the oracle program is programmed as multi-threaded, the number of processors is irrelevant, but the speed of the processor is. As the Oracle versions go up, I will assume that Oracle has put the multiple threadedness into it. But until then, I say go with the faster cpu. Just my opinion.

Hope this helps...

From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Are there going to be many users accessing this database, or only a few,
or one at a time? If there are many users you would probably want the 4
processor setup and run multiple Oracle backends. If there will only be
one (or a small number of) query at a time running then go for the
faster processors.


Thanks Sun Managers! Your help is greatly appreciated.


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