SUMMARY: problem with 102066-06

From: Howard Modell (
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 18:01:22 CDT

Now, this is one of the fastest problem-solutions cycles I've yet seen!
Boy, I love this list!

the solution (I'm hoping .. it seems to work!) turns out to be something
simple (thanks, Joe Garbarino!!!!!!!):

} We had problems here sending from V2.5 systems to our QuickMail
} server, we made the following change (documented as a workaround in
} some Sun bug report, which I don't know the number of...)
} In /etc/mail/, we changed the line
} Mether, P=[TCP], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, A=TCP $h
} to
} Mether, P=[TCP], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, A=TCP $h, E=\r\n
} Joe Garbarino -- ERIM

It seems to work .. at least, mail to my vaxen works with 102066-06 in place,
and nothing else seems broken yet (-:

here was my problem:
} Does anyone know of any problem relating to wierd interactions between
} the current recommended
} sendmail, the one installed as part of the 102066-06 patch (the one
} Solaris 2.5 makes "standard") and non-Sun SMTP mailers??
} My group has a very mixed environment, consisting of:
} Suns running Solaris 2.4,
} SGI workstations running Irix 5.3,
} DEC Vax and Alpha workstations, running VMS 6.1, and
} PC's and Macs.
} I'm only responsible for the Suns.
} Earlier this year, I installed patch 102066-06, the "sendmail security"
} patch. After some initial difficulties (right! basically, it breaks
} SunLink DNI 8) and consultation with Sun tech support, I have everything
} seemingly working. I can receive mail from anywhere, and send it to
} _almost_ anywhere.
} I can send mail to any Sun on our network, and to all the other machines
} on the network as well, except for one group: our DEC workstations.
} For some reason, while DEC-to-Sun mail works fine, when someone on
} one of my Suns tries to send mail to one of our DECstations, the
} SMTP dialog always goes like this:
} <USER>@<DECNAME> Connecting to <DECNAME> via ether...
} Trying connected.
} 220 <DECNAME> UCX V4.0 AXP ready at Fri, 19 Apr 1996 10:43:42 -0700
} >>> HELO
} and hangs. After the timeout, I see a "Deferred .. connection reset by peer"
} message.
} It is *ONLY* with this one set of DEC machines that the problem occurs (I can
} mail to other DEC machines in the company with no problem), and *ONLY*
} from my Suns (I've seen mail sent from other Solaris-running suns that gets
} there quite nicely).
} When I backed out the patch, proper, full mail service is restored.
} To repeat the configuration:
} 1. Sun SPARCstations, running Solaris 2.4 with patch 102066-06 installed.
} 2. DEC Vaxstations and AXP's, running VMS 6.1. The TCP/IP implementation
} is DEC's UCX 4.0 ("DEC TCP/IP Services").
} Has anyone seen anything like this before, and are there any recommendation?
} [and NO, going to the Berkeley sendmail package isn't considered an option
} right now ..]

Howard S. Modell
 Adv.Computing Technologist/2 POBox 3707, m/s 4C-63, Boeing D&SG Seattle, WA 98124-2207 (206) 662-0189

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