SUMMARY: Booting an IPC from a Maxtor-540S

From: V.Sander (
Date: Fri Apr 19 1996 - 05:51:59 CDT

Hi SUN Gurus,
my original posting was:

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I have a question regarding to the internal
disks of an IPC. We swapped the 207-MB disk by a
Maxtor-540S disk (which in fact was used by an AIX
workstation) and installed Solaris 2.5 on that new disk.
This works fine.

But there seems to be no way for booting from that device.
Mostly probe-scsi does not even give a response. And
entering the boot command results everytimes in
".. SCSI device not responding".
We tried to use the jumper on the disk
(i.e. the MOTOR START WITH POWER, target-id is 1) but we got
no result on that. Maybe it is important, that the
jumper for parity is dead, which means that parity is

The original 207 disk (which is an LXT-Maxtor) works fine.
The 540 MB disk works within the AIX-workstation.

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Activating the parity-Bit by soldering the dead jumper solved
the problem. The IPC was able to boot from that disk.
It seems, that SUN really likes parity.

Many thanks to all who responded.
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