SUMMARY: Questions about licensing

From: Alex Dumitru (
Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 10:21:57 CDT

>My questions are as follows:
> 1. Since I have the hardware and an OS on it, do I have a valid
> license?
> 2. If so, is it legal to copy someone else's 4.1.1 tapes (or use
> them to re-install the OS on my machine)?

Thanks to the following people that replied (there was someone from the UK
as well but i have lost that e-mail (paul?))

The general consenus is that the machine must have had at one time an RTU
license for the OS. As such I can install the *same* version of the OS
that is currently running using begged, borrowed or copied tapes. There
was also something in there about archival rules, and the fact that Sun
will not tottaly destroy my life for copying someone's 4.1.1 tapes...

Now for the big question?
If anyone on the list has 4.1.1 on tape, are they willing to let me borrow it,
copy it, have it... ?


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