SUMMARY /etc/net/tic.. changing the machine's name

From: Joe Gotobed (jgotobed@LPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Wed Apr 17 1996 - 14:06:43 CDT

I failed to note in my original posting that I'm running Solairs2.

I don't want to have to re-enter the domain, router timezone, netmask
& other info, just change the name & IP. Change these files...and reboot.


This has always worked, but I was wondering what these two other files
are all about. They also have the hostname nailed into them


Several suggested sys-unconfig but it won't change the name. It just
removes the domain, router timezone & other config info & then shuts
the machine down.

You have to re-enter all the info again on boot up. what a pain :-)

After a reboot with sys-unconfig the /etc/net/{ticlts,ticotsord}/hosts
files get updated, but the OLD NAME is still in those files???.

The manual page indicates it has to do with the LOOPBACK IPC mech.

ticlts(7D) Devices ticlts(7D)

     ticlts, ticots, ticotsord - loopback transport providers

I presume that's why the name matters so little.... but if it doesn't mater
then can the files be removed :-)?


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