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Date: Wed Apr 17 1996 - 05:44:15 CDT

Dear colleagues,

the first incoming responses clearly locate the core of
my problem:
It is the different block size as used by SUN and other
manufacturers (SUN: 512Bytes, others(e.g. PC world): 2K).

Thanx to all who responded/will respond.


Original Posting:

>Dear colleagues,

>I've tried to install Solaris 2.5 on SPARC station 20 with
>a CDROM drive from Toshiba (4-speed, "normal" SCSI device,
>target 6). However, the installation procedure was stopped
>very early (the machine was still configuring the devices
>directory) with an message such as

> "data transmission overrun"

>After that, the machine started booting from its internal HD.

>That indicates me that there is a compatibility problem. Hence,
>I have got two questions:

> 1) Is there a way to bypass this problem ? (I mean while being
> in the PROM mode (early installation) I have no chance to install
> any drivers.)
> 2) Would you - in general - recommend to use a SUN CDROM ?
> Or are there any other 3rd party products that you use and that
> work (Solaris 2.X, SPARC stations 1+,10,20,ELC) ?

>Any response will be appreciated, I will summarize!



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