SUMMARY: Upgrade SOl.2.3 -> 2.5

Date: Tue Apr 16 1996 - 12:18:35 CDT

A while ago I asked :

|I need to upgrade my SS1000 (+SSA) from Solaris 2.3 to 2.5, so I can install
|and run SolarNet LM Server.
|I took a look to the archives but found nothing for my help. The current
|supported extra-s/w on my server are Solstice Backup 4.1.2 and Volume Manager
|2.1 + a few freeware (gzip, etc...)
|What would you advice ? Still a fresh install rather than an upgrade ?
|Is there a (automatic) way to know what files are to preserve ?
|And what are the mandatory patches (I heard about some for the SSA s/w) ?

I finally fresh installed Solaris 2.5 then re-install Volume Manager in its new
2.1.1 release and followed with patch #103017-02 (don't forget the README file).
Then I installed Solstice Backup back and restored /nsr from a previous backup.

It went rather smooth. The point is I had to manually (via vxva) restart volumes
managed by Volume Manager in order to get them mounted by mountall.

Since, I had few specific files (almost known), I did not try and play and went
directly to what would be the fastest way.

I had almost as much me toos than advices. Thanks again to :

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