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Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 10:04:45 CDT

Hello everybody,

First the original question:

> Hello Sun Gurus,
> I am trying to install wu-ftp 2.4 on our server. Everything is fine but I am
> not able to activate the logging facility.
> ckconfig gives me:
> " Checking _PATH_XFERLOG :: /opt/local/dino/ftpd/log/xferlog
> ok. "
> which is where my log file resides.
> There is a line in my inetd.conf saying:
> " ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/in.ftpd in.ftpd -lio -t600 "
> (When I activates ftp it says that wu-ftp 2.4 is running).
> In my ftpaccess file I have:
> # Logging facility!
> #
> log commands anonymous real guest
> log transfer anonymous outbound,inbound
> And the log file remains at 0 block :-(
> Where is my error? What do I check?
> Thank you very much in advance! I will summarize.

And now the answer (a great THANK YOU to Mick Morgan that pointed out
the solution):

First of all, do not trust any books (even O'Reilly ones)!

At page 86 of Managing Internet Informations Services of O'Reilly, the author

        To enable transfer logging, use the log transfer command:

        log transfer type [type ...] direction [,direction]

The book should say instead:

        To enable transfer logging, use the log transfers command:

        log transfers type [,type ...] direction [,direction]

So transfers with an 's' and coma separating types.

That's all!

Mick found the missing 's' problem by looking into the source access.c - it does a
strcasecmp on transfers with an 's'.

And I found the missing coma.

Thanks also to the following people which took time to help me on that topic :-) Mick Morgan (Tim Evans) (Nicholas R LeRoy) Dr. Glenn Carver Mick Morgan

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