SUMMARY: Patch 103244

From: Phil Poole (
Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 09:39:15 CDT

Question: Could someone send additional information regarding Solaris
2.5 patch 103244. "FTP neutron Patch"


        Apparently "neutron" was a SUN codename for one of the new
        Ultra Sparc models. Someone suggested it was model 140.
        (I'll be vague here since there could be concerns of
        nondisclosue although since Ultras are shipping it seems
        kinda moot to me)

        The patch description was not very informative but the gist
        of the patch involves updating the le0 driver in ALL Sun
        machines running Solaris 2.5. It is not limited to just
        Ultra's but since an Ultra was the first machine to
        acknowledge the bug that was the machine listed in the patch

        Again, this patch should be applied to Suns running Solaris
        2.5. If you notice problems with your ethernet interface
        hanging on a reboot then this is probably the patch for you.

Thanks to the following:

Casper Dik
Michael Shon michael.shon@East.Sun.COM
Christopher L. Barnard
Dean Humphrey dean@npDaniel
Daniel Blander
Kurt Stype
Henry Doan hdoan@dakota-76.Eng.Sun.COM
Michael Neef
Jeff Wasilko

Special thanks to Casper Dik; who, as always, seemed to have the most
complete answer.

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