SUMMARY- Remounting a READ-Only System

From: MR M FRO (
Date: Fri Apr 12 1996 - 18:33:39 CDT

Hello Everyone,

I want to report great success from help that I received
from this group. My original post asked how to get my
system out of Read-Only boot-up into Read/Write mode. The
cause of my problem was doing the following command while
the system worked properly:

 $ mount > fstab produces lines like " mount
/dev/sd0a on /"

This was to get a good fstab file for the next boot. I
should have used:

$ mount -p > fstab produces lines like " mount
/dev/sd0a /"

I did not check my work as good as I should have and went
about rebooting the machine. The word "on" gave me the
problem and made the system boot in Read-Only mode. To
solve the problem, I had to remount the system disk /. I
received several suggestions and I want to thank all of you
for being so quick to respond. The one that worked was:

 $ mount -o remount /dev/sd0a /

This was so easy, I had the machine back working in 2
minutes. I looked in several books on Unix and Sun
administration and not one of them mentioned how to get
around this problem or explained remount in general. I do
not have man pages on this system because I don't have a way
of putting them on so I had to come to you people. Thanks ;

Here are the other suggestions that I have not been able to
check yet:

mount -o remount / " "
mount -o rw / - did not work
mount -remount, rw /dev/sd0a /
intr mount -o rw /

Thanks again,

     Michael Froehlich
     Sparc 1 Commander (yea!)

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