SUMMARY (sort of): wu-ftpd with 2.5

Date: Fri Apr 12 1996 - 14:55:00 CDT

Thanks to all who have responded.

My original post:

> Has anyone gotten wu-ftpd to work under 2.5? I had it working under
> 2.4 until I added guest groups, then real users quit working. Under 2.5
> nothing works if I use the ftpaccess file, which is the same one that
> worked for anon and guest groups under 2.4. I keep getting:
> 425 Can't create data socket (,20): Bad file number.
> The wu-ftpd mailing list seems to have disappeared, and the web sites
> mentioned in the docs don't work either.

As usual, Casper Dik had the answer. The permissions were wrong in
~ftp/dev/*. This fixed my problem with guest group accounts and
anonymous accounts. Now if I could just figure out why a call to
socket() for a real user returns a Permission Denied.


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