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From: Matthew Wells (
Date: Fri Apr 12 1996 - 09:15:15 CDT

OK. Obliterate that last request. Martin (martin@it.hsr.mednuc) very kindly
pointed out that this (or something near enough) had been summarized recently.
I enclose the summaries he found below. If anything else new comes out of this
- I'll re-summarize. Thanks chaps.



I originally asked:-

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From: (Matthew Wells)
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 09:55:23 +0100
To: sun-managers@edu.nwu.eecs
Subject: Ye Olde Monitor


   I have an old (Feb 91), slightly de-focussed Sun Monitor - model GDM-1662B.
It is no longer fit for its original purpose, but I was wondering whether it
was possible to drive it from a ... (shhh - don't tell the flamers) pc?


The results of similar enquiries revealed:-



 Earlier I posted the following request:

   "We have recently rackmounted 3 sun servers and bought a console
    sharing device. We now have two extra Sun monitors that we would
    like to use somewhere else. Are there any converter cables available
    that would allow us to use the monitors on PC's?"

 I have received several responses. Ranging from it can't be done
to a couple of product options. I have learned that it matters
which type of Sun monitor and PC graphics card you have. You need
a newer Sun monitor that is Multi-Sync and a high end graphics
card that can drive higher freq. Below I have included a summary.
I have not decided on which product I will get yet, but I have
called the two vendors listed below:

NUdata N.J. 908-842-5757
 Their product is Part#C2040 - 13w3 male to High density male
 $75 + 2/foot, this is a custom made cable so no returns.

Ultra Spec Cables, inc
their email address is
phone 1-800-622-2537

 Their product Part #1396 - HD15 to 13w3, price $36.00 list (Edu Disc

 Both products require cards and monitors that support 61.8 KHz Horz.
and 66 HZ vertical scanning freq and composite sync. I was told by
the person at Ultra Spec that if your monitor had a permanently connect
video cable, it should work, but I would call and verify freq.

I was also asked which switching box I purchased, below is the

Company: Black Box Corp, 1-412-746-5500
Product: SW735A - $495.00, handles upto 4 Suns
         EHN102 - 91.00 , cable from CPU to switch
         EHN103 - 105.00, cable from switch to keybd,mouse and monitor

Thanks for your assistance.


Replys Below
From: Ric Anderson <>

I found cables at NuData (32 Fairview Avenue, Little Silver NJ 07739,
Phone 1-908-842-5757). The bigger problem is that all the Sun
Monitors I've seen operate at 1 of 4 oddball resolution/refresh rate
pairs. None of the PC video boards I have access to support any of
those pairings.

So before you buy cables, pull the book on the monitor to get the
resolution info and compare that to what your PC will support.

From: George L Roman <>

The cable is only the first hurdle. Sun monitors are typically
fixed-frequency (as opposed to multi-sync). This means that your PC's
video card must support the frequency of the monitor, or things won't

If you'd like more information about such boards, I've discovered a
couple of web sites that list these products for sale:

In my opinion, if you don't have a large monitor on your PC, it's
definately worth buying the board.

From: Wes Butler <>

 I received an old summary of the same question post a couple of
months ago.

From: Joe Pratti <>

Thanks to the following for giving me a direction to go check out.
Only one person said I can't do that but I will have to check it out any way.
Heas H. Heas <
Ric Anderson <>
Tim Wort <tim@Access.COM>

The two vendors that make such a cable are:
 NUdata N.J. 908-842-5757, $75 + footage
Ultra Spec Cables, inc
their email address is
phone 1-800-622-2537

Charles Mengel -

I tried to do the same recently with some leftover Sun color monitors,
and I couldn't do it. The closest explaination I got was that Sun monitors
use Composite Video, and there is no easy or cheap way (compared to buying a
new PC monitor) to adapt them.

If you do find a way, I'd be very interested in hearing how it is done.

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>From!sun-managers-relay Thu Jan 18 07:08:32 1996 Sender: X-Mailer: exmh version 1.6.4 10/10/95 To: Subject: SUMMARY: X-terms that use Sun Monitors X-url: X-face: =cP7su>gJcuSSc5q*e'k5nfzYs\:=k7s@Kw?RN)zjz_}C$SAZlFCU!&PwiXZ!>b#='D;uB/ {5;Pm@EN(q%s5d,(DF<177&o`Qh#D.;KgoCOlt-bc5o%Hy+m<XOMh(5n-~[*[4kZM>Ms^nit\("v7{ MaM6lbzlEB>c1d3Y[[wy'(k+Q`UFkP('Cbmt7T$C@TI3Z56JvJ8D1\fd>;b%Am7x:@aS!NF,}UTmQv V`@Vk;np/)c=dr79<PaP?7;~U\~zM;OThl2?/|'O~\BP7r%%[2m$#8 Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 11:13:08 +0000 From: Anderson McCammont <> Reply-to: Anderson McCammont <> Followup-to: junk Content-Length: 1336

Apart from the suggestion to use SUN3's as Xterm's using Xkernel, I also got info about Tektronix series 350 XTerms that support over 30 different resolution/frequency combinations, and should work just fine. has spec sheets, etc.

Thanks to: (Martin Achilli) (Perry Hutchison) (Stephen Harris) John Cheshire <> Parks Fields <>

>>>Anderson McCammont said: > > We have a surplus of Sun colour monitors. We use X-Terms over ISDN for home

> use. I'd like to be able to reduce the cost of buying X-Terms by utilising > the surplus Sun monitors. > > Does anyone know of : > > 1. an XTerm that's available without a monitor that either has a Sun monitor

> connector on the back, or > > 2. Xterms available without monitors that could take a Sun monitor via a > suitable cable. > > tried the X-faq for this info - no luck. We'd also like to use these monito r > for PC's via suitable cables. From the archives I got a summary of suitable

> cable providers - thanks. Anyone know of any cable vendors in the UK? > > TIA - will summarise. > > -- > Andy McCammont PGP/MIME and@mor > >

-- Andy McCammont PGP/MIME

>From!sun-managers-relay Fri Dec 1 23:27:35 1995 Sender: From: Followup-to: junk To: cc: Ken Mandelberg <> Reply-To: Subject: SUMMARY: Using 15" SVGA monitor from SS4 on SS5/SS20/SS1000 Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 22:06:53 +0000 Content-Length: 2993

The general consensus is it should work. We've got a loan SPARC 4 for evaluation and so I'm going to give it a try.

Many thanks to the people who replied: Bert N. Shure <> Endre Polgar <> Dave Plummer <> Parks Fields <> Joe Dietz <> John Louie <>

>From: "Bert N. Shure" <> not a direct answer, but how about this: pop out the turboGX card from the server and stick the card and monitor on the sparc4. buy a $300 US sbus VGA card for the server and then use a PC monitor. another option would be to buy a server switch for the machine room and take out all but one of the monitors.

>From: Endre Polgar <> I did it many times; the 15" monitors will work on your SPARCservers. Just one thing to mention: since it will work at 1152x900 (and not 1024x768) the fonts the system normally uses will be very small.

I just checked the FE Handbook: the CG3 in the SS5 work at only 1024x768. Neither this nor the older CG6 can be switched to an other resolution. However, the newer TGX can be set at PROM level to either 1024x768 or 1152x900.

Hope this helps.

>From: Dave Plummer <> This works with no problems. We ordered SS4s with 15" monitors to replace two Classic FC (16"/17") systems which had been stolen leaving the monitors.

The old monitors just plugged in and ran. What I have not yet found was anything useful to do with the redundant 15" monitors.

>From: Parks Fields <> Just switch the monitors everything should work. The only time you may have problems is with the 24 bit color framebuffers

>From: Joe Dietz <> Don't buy Sparc 4' least from what I've been reading...check out the FAQ for info on Sparc 4....there are a lot of gotcha's...

>From: John Louie <> We tried switching around all the 15", 17", and 19" monitors we have with our Sun 4/380, SS2s, SS5s, SS1+, etc. It always works. With a CG6, you get the advantage that the 15" monitor will show full 1152x900 resolution (with tiny type). Some openwin users will notice icons and windows placed beyond the screen where a lower resolution is used. We did not need to make any EEPROM or other settings.

Regards, Bevis.

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>From!martin Mon Nov 27 16:57:18 1995 Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 16:57 MET From: (Martin Achilli) To: Subject: Sun -> Mac monitor conversion Content-Length: 1086


Date: Sat, 18 Nov 1995 19:30:38 -0500 From: (Jon Gotow) Subject: Sun -> Mac monitor connector

On Tue, 14 Nov 95, Fraser J Dickin <> wrote:

>Does anyone know where I can buy a connector/converter that will allow me >to connect a (presently) unused Sun 17" colour monitor to my Mac PPC6100 ? >I've seen the guy from Michigan's (hairy) kludge on the net and don't want >to chop the cable on the monitor! I've also been through the Lindy catalogue >to no avail. > >Surely someone out there has been through the same loop before ?

Try Griffin Technology. You can reach them at (615)399-0990, or at I bought their MacSync Adapter ($30 + shipping) to hook up an old HP monitor, and it works fine. They support a large number of monitors, including a bunch of Sony models. Make sure you tell them you're using a 6100, because I think there are some differences in the sync capabilities of the on-board video between Mac models.

- Jon Gotow (


>From!sun-managers-relay Wed Nov 22 08:00:25 1995 Sender: Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 09:59:53 -0500 From: "Heas H. Heas" <> Reply-to: "Heas H. Heas" <> Followup-to: junk To: Subject: sun monitors Content-Length: 2704

i have some extra sun monitors that i've received when buying servers. i'm trying to connect them to an HDS xterm and a pc. i guess the biggest problem here is that the sun monitors are composite sync vs. multi-sync.

i found the following in the Sun-Hardware faq, but it does not include the 19" sony 365-1112 or the 20" 365-1324 others?

does anyone have the sync frequency and resolutions for the others?



"4BNC" connectors are, as might be expected, four BNC connectors: red, green, blue, and sync. "13W3" is an unusual connector combining a 10-pin D-shell and analog three video conductors:

gray/ 1 gnd* red * * green blue 2 vertical sync* | 1o 2o 3o 4o 5o | | 3 sense #2 (O) (O) (O) 4 sense gnd 6o 7o 8o 9o 10o 5 composite sync * * 6 horizontal sync* 7 gnd* * Considered obsolete, may not be 8 sense #1 connected. 9 sense #0 10 composite gnd

The codes for the three monitor-sense bits are:

0 ??? 4 1152 x 900 76Hz 19" 1 reserved 5 reserved 2 1280 x 1024 76Hz 6 1152 x 900 76Hz 16-17" 3 1152 x 900 66Hz 7 no monitor connected

Models ------

365-1020 Sony 16" color monitor 115VAC only, 4BNC connector. Operates at a resolution of 1152 x 900, 66Hz vertical refresh rate, and 61.8KHz horizontal sync rate.

365-1063 Sony 16" color monitor Same as the 365-1020 but with a 13W3 connector.

365-1113 Sony 16" Multiscan monitor 115/240VAC, FCC-B/VCCI-2, 13W3 connector. Operates at the following resolutions and sync frequencies:

944 x 736 84Hz vert, 70.8KHz horiz 17" overscan 1076 x 824 76Hz vert, 71.7KHz horiz 17" overscan 1152 x 900 66Hz vert, 61.8KHz horiz 16" underscan 1152 x 900 76Hz vert, 71.7KHz horiz 16" underscan 1280 x 1024 67Hz vert, 71.7KHz horiz 16" underscan

365-1151 Sony 16" Multiscan monitor 115/240VAC, FCC-B/VCCI-2, 13W3 connector on integral 1.2M video cable. Operates at the following resolutions and sync frequencies:

1152 x 900 66Hz vert, 61.8KHz horiz 1024 x 800 74Hz vert, 61.9KHz horiz

365-1159 Sony 16" Multiscan monitor Same as 365-1113, but has VLF

>From!sun-managers-relay Fri Nov 10 13:49:38 1995 Sender: From: "Joe Pratti" <> Reply-to: "Joe Pratti" <> Followup-to: junk Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 11:30:11 -0500 X-Mailer: Z-Mail (3.2.0 06sep94) To: Subject: SUMMARY:sun monitor to vga connection Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Length: 1292

My original question was.

>My question is: Does anyone know where I can get a cable that will allow me to >connect my sun monitor to a PC. The connector on the Sun monitor is a db3w13 >male and the pc is vga 15 pin.

Thanks to the following for giving me a direction to go check out. Only one person said I can't do that but I will have to check it out any way. Heas H. Heas < Ric Anderson <> Tim Wort <tim@Access.COM> GREGOR E FELLERS <>

The two vendors that make such a cable are: NUdata N.J. 908-842-5757, $75 + footage Ultra Spec Cables, inc their email address is phone 1-800-622-2537

I will give both of these places a call.

Greg gave me a whole of place to go looking which was appreciated.

Thanks Again.

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>From IMIHSRA.HSR.IT!!sun-managers-relay Sat Mar 25 18:31:37 1995 Sender: Date: Fri, 24 Mar 95 17:47:09 CST From: (Robert J. Cronin) Reply-to: (Robert J. Cronin) Followup-to: junk To: Subject: SUMMARY: Redeployment of GDM-1662B monitors? - Addendum Content-Length: 4250

Further to my summary of March 15th:

[ Thanks to (Arash Jahangir) and uunet!Canada.Sun.COM!David.Vanduyvenvoorde (David Van Duyvenvoorde - Sun Toronto SE) ]

> > Scan Rate > Monitor Manufacturer/Model Resolution Hor.(KHz) Vert.(Hz) > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > 14" color CRT Seiko CM1421-03 1024x768 53.6 66 > 14" mono CRT ??? 1152x900 64.5 60.2 > 15" color CRT Hitachi HM-4115-D-BA 1152x900 61.8 66 > 15" color CRT Nokia 1152x900 61.8 66 > 1024x768 62.0 77 > 15" mono CRT ??? 1024x768 63.96 76 > 16" color CRT Sony P2 GDM-1604-15 1152x900 61.8 66 > 16" color CRT Philips/Fimi C1764 1152x900 61.8 66 > 16" color CRT Sony P3 GDM-1662 944x736 70.8 84 > 1076x824 71.7 76 > 1152x900 61.8 66 > 1152x900 71.7 76 > 1280x1024 71.7 67 > 16" color CRT Sony 1152x900 61.8 66 > 1024x768 62.0 77 > 17" color CRT Sony 1152x900 71.81 76.14 > 1280x1024 81.13 76.11 > 17" gray CRT Zenith 17SMM1 1152x900 61.8 66 > 17" gray CRT Zenith 17SMM4.A 1152x900 71.7 76 > 1024x780 71.7 76 > 914x690 70.8 84 > 1024x800 70.8 84 > 19" color CRT Hitachi HM-4619 1152x900 61.8 66 > 19" color CRT Sony P2 GDM-1955A15 1152x900 61.8 66 > 19" color CRT Sony P3 GDM-1962 1076x824 71.7 76 > 1152x900 61.8 66 > 1152x900 71.7 76 > 1280x1024 71.7 67 > 19" gray CRT Philips M19P114A 1152x900 61.8 66 > 19" gray CRT Philips M20P110A 1152x900 71.7 76 > 1076x824 71.7 76 > 19" gray CRT Philips M19P114T 1152x900 61.8 66 > 19" hi-res CRT Motorola L7101S-YO1 1600x1280 89.3 67 > 20" color CRT Sony P4 GDM-20D10 1280x1024 71.8 67 > 1280x1024 81.1 76 > 1152x900 61.8 66 > 1152x900 71.8 76 > 20" gray CRT Zenith 20S5 1152x900 71.8 76 > 1280x1024 81.1 76 > 21" color CRT Toshiba P21CU80 1280x1024 81.1 76 > > ===============================================================================


Bob Cronin (

Original Posting: > > We are presently migrating a lot of users from SPARCstation IPX's to > Pentium boxes running WindowsNT. 8-o > > As a result, we are left with a lot of high quality color monitors > (GDM-1662B), which we would like to put to new use. > > > Is it possible to use these monitors on PC's and/or Macintosh's? > > Would someone be so kind as to explain the ramifications of trying to > re-use these monitors? If they can be re-used, what display > resolutions do they support? > Pointers to vendors of cables, etc. would also be welcome.

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