SUMMARY: le0 problems!!!

From: Marcelo Maraboli (
Date: Thu Apr 11 1996 - 10:24:20 CDT

Hello admins..

Thanks to all the people who replied: (Russ Poffenberger)
Jigang Liu <> (John Malick)
Bob Peddycord <> (Umesh Vaghela) (Bismark Espinoza)
David Staggs <staggsd@SEOUL-FKJ3.KOREA.ARMY.MIL>
Rahul Roy <>
Kurt Stype <>
Kai Schwermann <> (Karen Svirsky [Citibank NAGF])

The original problem was...:

>hello admins..
>After working a whole day long in our SS20 with Solaris 2.5..
>I come today and found out that it won't communicate with the network!!
>I found this in /var/adm/messages:
>le0: No carrier - cable disconnected or hub link test disabled?
>le0: No carrier - cable disconnected or hub link test disabled?
>The cable is in right shape (as yesterday) and the machine next
>to it communicates with everyone..
>netstat -r says:
>Destination Gateway Flags Ref Use Interface
>localhost localhost UH 0 0 lo0
> llico U 3 0 le0
> llico U 3 0 le0
>llico is the hostname and it's
>ifonfig is set alright...

And the answers...

1.- The most helpful was from (Russ Poffenberger):

>The cable could still be the culprit. For a test, halt the machine down to the
>boot prompt, then try "test net". It should succeed on both internal and
>external loopback tests for the interface that is being used. You can also try
>"watch-net-all", it will print a "." for each packet seen on the net.
>This will at least help you verify that hardware and cable are OK.

and in fact the AUI external test failed!

so I moved the cables around and then chenged it to a similar one and
the AUI test passwd OK..but still it wouldn't ping.

>From the software lab downstairs the admin told me that these tranceivers are
VERY VERY sensible to heat, so I opened 3 windows, the door (made an air tunnel) and put the tranceiver attached to a PC fan.

After taking out the CDE daemon and testing it via no-X, it pinged!!!
I thought maybe it could be CDE?? so I ran openwin (openlook), it pinged!!!
then ran CDE like /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin -daemon and it pinged!!

Was it CDE or the heat? beats me...

I am an EE and find this INCREDIBLE !!! (not too mentioned $%^$%%$^ )

2.- Other answers pointed to the cable connecctions and to assure that
they were plugged correctly and tightly..

Thanks to all the people that took their time to help out..


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