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Original question:
  A new version of a graphic software needs the libXm library. On Solaris
there is no problem, it can be found in the /usr/dt/lib. It's furnished by
Sun with the C.D.E. But on SunOS, this library is not given with openwin.
After contact with SUnFrance, SUN says that this library will not be officialy
given by Sun under SUnOs.
Question: is it possible to find a'free' version of this library for SUnoS ?

Thanks to :
Paul Burke
Johnie Stafford
John D. Groenveld
Guy Harris
Bill Reed
Jose Manuel Franco Melgar
Alexander Greiml
Nicholas R Leroy

1) The libXm

The libXm is a part of Motif libraries which are commercial products.

Motif packages for SunOs 4.1.3 + openwindows 3.0 are available but you
have to pay for them

Officialy (....) there is no way to find a free version !....

2) Solution

 Ask the vendor of the software to get a statically linked version.

 I have choosen this solution, and the new version works under Sun0S.

3) lesstif: a free version (not tested)

It can be found at :

This 'free' clone is under development and it's not complete. Mainly tested
under Linux
If interested see:
Nicholas R Leroy
Alexander Greiml

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