SUMMARY: pkgadd and search PATH in Solaris2.5

Date: Thu Apr 11 1996 - 07:25:09 CDT

Dear Sun Managers,

Yesterday I posted:

>System SS20 running Solaris2.5 as supplied.
>Some thrid party software were donlowded and added using pkgadd. These
>packages (such as elm and gcc) have been in the right format and they
>were installed in to /opt slice correctly. All the packages have their
>own bin directory such as /opt/FSFgcc/bin and this would make the
>PATH variable in the shells very long if one has few packages installed.
>Is there a easy way to creat links for each of the bin directories to
>something like /usr/local/bin? Or I am doing something wrong?

As I first thought, pkgadd only place the software in appropriate
directories in /opt slice but does not create any links in normal
bin directory such as /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. Many thanks to
all who answered. Here is a summary: (Stephen Harris) sent in a ksh script which would
create the relevant links in /usr/loca/bin:

In ksh this would do it:

for a in /opt/*/bin/*
ln -s $a /usr/local/bin

"Jon R. Ramsey" <> recomended a program
called Modulus by John Furlani from Sun. I am still to check this
one out. It can be obtained from:

Answers also came from:

John Justin Hough <>
"Andrey A. Perminov" <>
Eric Shafto <>


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