Summary: Dec Pathworks Server application for Solaris 2.4

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Date: Thu Apr 11 1996 - 04:44:14 CDT

>> Summary on Dec Pathworks Server application for Solaris 2.4 <<

Hi Sun Managers.

I got a lot of answers. I got myself a copy of samba and compiled it
for my system. It suits all my needs (sharing a file service for the
PC's). I did't test printers and stuff (in fact I got some messages
about not beeing able to share them) but I did't bother to check in
too deep.

I had to install TCP/IP services on the PC that are currently not able
to support that ... NetBEUI as transport I could't make run.

Thanks to all of you.


-----------------------Answers---------------------------------------------- wrote:
 Sun has a package called LMserver, and there is a small company that makes a
 product called Samba. LMserver scales better from what I have read. wrote:
 Try samba, its free and works great, use archie to find a site. wrote:
 Samba is the application that you want to look at. Samba is a shareware tool
 available on the Internet that turns your Unix box into a Lanman server, it's
 just simply an incredible piece of software. I have been using Samba for the
 last three years on SGI, HPUX and Solaris/ Sparc, unfortunately I have not had
 a chance to build and run it on Solaris/x86 but intend to very soon. Start by
 looking at the Samba Web page - - where
 you will find lots of documentation including Man pages, FAQs, Archives from
 the SMB News group and Samba E-Mail list. There are binaries for Samba there as
 well but no binaries for x86 that I can see. If you want to run the best, and
 probably only, Lanman server that is available for your platform you should
 strongly consider Samba, it is use around the world, support is excellent and
 it has proven to be a _very_ stable product.

 If you have further questions about Samba try subscribing to the Samba E-Mail
 list by sending your request "SUBSCRIBE SAMBA <YOUR FULL NAME>" to and then post your questions there. I will be
 doing a build of Samba on x86 in the next few weeks and if you are interested I
 can let you know when this is completed. wrote:
 As a matter of fact there is. Take a look at for more information. wrote:
 SunSOft has announced Solstice LM Server 2.0 which has the LAN Manager Server
 Features included, its availabe for x86, too ( NetBEUI and TCP/IP Support !) wrote:
 Hi Henning,
 You need samba.

My original post was:
>Hi Sun Managers.
>I have some PC's running Solaris-x86 with WABI, and
>some more PC's running MsDog+Windows with Pathworks.
>PathWorks (Digital) resembles MsLanManager, I've
>been told.
>Now I want to share data between the stations. My
>approach was to export the directory on the PathWorks
>server using NFS; but I have performance- and
>(much worse) stability problems.
>In half a year, everything will be better because we
>then will have the big server capable of doing every-
>thing :-)
>However, is there an application around that acts as
>a LanManager server for Solaris-x86? Then, I could
>create the drive on a normal Solaris-x86 Workstation
>and export it using nfs for other solaris-PC, and
>attaching the MsDos PC using the LanManager protocol.

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