SS10 freezing on mouse movement: SUMMARY

From: mickey (
Date: Wed Apr 10 1996 - 09:50:59 CDT

        Well, well, well,
        you can never tell...

got basically two replies:

Thanks go to Laura Taylor for this:

"There is a bogus mouse driver patch that does this. You must have
installed it. I don't know why Sun doesn't pull the patch. When I
worked at Sun we made it a point to never install this patch.

In 2.4 the patch # is: 101933-01

You can use showrev -p to see if it is installed."

But I use 2.3. So she says,
"It's still probably the same bug. The patch #s in 2.3 and 2.4 are totally
different. That bug might have been put in the with the kernel patch in 2.3.
It could be a bug that only exhibits itself now and then. It is probably
definitely related to a bug or a patch."

Also, second possibility was offered by Keith Willenson who suspected a bad
cable. (Unplugging the keyboard from SS's sometimes will cause the machine
to freeze).

Let it be known that I haven't tried anything to solve this yet, other than
not using the server :) Will try upgrading it at some point, and see if
that will help.

Let it also be known that I also have a 2nd server running 2.4 with the
aforementioned patch which has never had the aforementioned problem. But
that's what would qualify it as a "true" bug (and not a feature):
non-reproducability :)

hope this helps, folks.

shine on

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