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From: Parks Fields (parks@xdiv.LANL.GOV)
Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 18:56:18 CDT

orginal question.
>I have been trying to alias my printer on solaris 2.5
>sorta like the bsd ------lp:lw:Postscript:ps ... etc
>I have tried link and such under /etc/lp/interfaces, /etc/lp/printers..
>I can get it to work.


Rick Perry said:

I did this once and got it to work. Besides the links, also do:
enable lw
accept lw
assuming lw is the new alias.

Bill Holzapfel said:
I've had to use classes, for example:

        lpadmin -p <printer> -c <alias>

Most people said make the make a new printer to the same port.

So you have 5 printers that are the same with differnet names.

thanks to; (Tom Kinter 4-4981) (Rick Perry)
Michael Baumann <> (Bill Holzapfel)

Hope I didn't miss an y

Thank you.
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