SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5 on Sparc 1 install problem - OpenBoot problem?

From: Julyan Cartwright (
Date: Tue Apr 09 1996 - 10:27:14 CDT

I asked:
>I am trying to set up a Sparc 1 will Solaris 2.5. I have run the install
>program from CDROM, and got to the stage of having to reboot, when instead
>of coming up the machine tells me 'The selected SCSI device is not responding'
>then 'Can't open SCSI device'. The 'boot-from' flag in the prom is set
>to sd(0,0,0), and I have checked that this is where the root partition
>(slice..) resides, by booting from CDROM and mounting /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0,
>which works fine.
>So what's going on? I had this machine working with 2.5 on it a while
>ago. Since then I swapped disks and in the process changed the SCSI address
>of the boot disk from target 1 to target 0. I'm beginning to suspect that

Thanks to (Raymond Wong) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (Stephen Harris)
"Scott L. Sherrill" <> (Pete A. Zaitcev)
Asim Zuberi <>
for replying.

The problem was I had forgotten that /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 corresponds to
sd(0,3,0), not sd(0,0,0), because of a curious remapping of the target ids
(anyone have any idea why Sun did this?). Anyhow, my machine boots fine
from sd(0,3,0)...

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