SUMMARY: lpr error

From: Mary Verge (mverge@torch)
Date: Mon Apr 08 1996 - 15:05:42 CDT

original post:
whenever I try to print from a user other than root I get:

lpr: cannot chown /usr/spool/lp/aleph/tfA021torch

I checkued my permissions on /usr/spool/lp/aleph and they
look fine. any ideas of what is going on. I though I had
set this up just like every other printer, but I must have
missed something.
sunos 4.1.3_u1
networked printer using jetadmin; spools locally.

the problem was the permissions on lpr
they need to be:
-rws--s--x 1 root 32768 Jan 20 1994 /usr/ucb/lpr

the owner and group mode needed to be s not x.
s Set owner or group ID.


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