SUMMARY: Sunpc 4.01 && Novell access

From: Fedor Gnuchev (
Date: Mon Apr 08 1996 - 08:35:13 CDT

Original problem is incompatibility between Solaris 2.4 and Sunpc 4.01.
(Original post is trailing).

Solution : Acquire patch 101636-(latest_rev_number) if 4.01 is really
what is dear to your heart. (That is not so and I failed to find that
patch as well - it is not in a public set on

Better solution: change to 2.5 & Sunpc 4.1 or PC Protocol services.

Thanks for your replies:
Doug Jones <>
Mark Sherman <>

--------Why's: -------------------------------------

1) From FAQ on Sunpc Homepage:
[q] Does SunPC work with Solaris2.4?
[a] Yes. This information changes with every release of Solaris. SunPC
3.1b runs on the latest versions of Solaris 1.x only if you get the
latest version of patch 101715. SunPC 4.0.1 runs on Solaris 2.4 only
with the latest version of patch 101636.
------------>( which seems to be 101636-5 so far)

-> Cuts from dialog with Mark Sherman - seems he is the only one who had
-> made 4.01 working for the good of mankind.

        It is possible to get sunpc to connect with novell, first i
suggest you find a patch for sunpc which corrects memory management
(loading drivers into dos high memory -- this may only apply if your
using the 486 sbus card).
Next, load you novell clients. I have done this for a customer on a wide
complex net- work, and while it did work we had problems. Such as,
hanging on connection, and very slow response -- in my opinion it was not
a very good solution. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you
may want to look into PC Services or the IPX utility that comes with
Solaris 2.5.

mark sherman
system engineer

 -After that I'd called Mark to ask some details directly and :
> Are you currently using 2.5?
> And if so, do you use - even occasionally - IPX services ?
> How it compares with what Sunpc offers?
I do use 2.5 (* it rocks * << that's a good thing), i do not use the ipx
services, but i have used PC Server (close to the same thing) and it
worked very well (much better than performance than connecting via sunpc.)

---------- resume ---------------------

Sunpc 4.01 seems to be as bad as Novell 4.01. Change to 4.1 in both cases
is time, effort and investment saving.

Since I have no SUN support here (in Moscow) and search for it failed
miserably, the only current option is to send Novell-lovers to /dev/null.

If it had not being a state-budgeted institute, I would try to do *right
thing* and to buy Solaris 2.5 (which is highly recommended by many),
probably with SolarNet PC Protocol Services v1.1 and/or SolarNet PC
Services v1.1.

Also I do apologise for not looking straight into Sunpc Homepage.
("If it still does not work - RTFM", Anonymous)
---------- end of resume ---------------

---------- Original post ---------------

Subject: Sunpc 4.01 && Novell access

Dear Sun Managers,

If you ever tried that product - please confirm or kick me :

After several attempts to connect SUN && Novell using Sunpc 4.01
-and yet many people say that it does work - I came to grim conlusion
that probably there is some discrepancy between current Solaris version
in use (2.4 3/95) and Sunpc (which was acquired with 2.3).

Unpleasant symptoms are:
/kernel/drv/storekernname.sun4m /dev/ksyms keeps hanging on, though it is
expected to do its job and go away from ps display.

Well, that's rather harmless (is it?!).

But running from f:\novell crashes machine completely,
leaving no messages even on console - just calmly boots up and goes on.

Hints, suggestions and working <Solaris.ver - Sunpc.ver> example pairs
will be greatly appreciated.

---------- end of original post --------

With best regards

Fedor Gnuchev
(hm, or Ted - in this English-typing world...)

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