Summary: Break on Terminals, Sun booting via Net

From: Kai Schwermann (
Date: Sat Apr 06 1996 - 15:15:11 CST

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First: Thanks for your replies, it has helped me much, as i couldn't access
the net for reading the FAQ, the only thing i had was this list...

Ok, now the summary:

1. as the FAQ says: On serial terminals it's the BREAK key that gets us into

2. My problem with the Sparc-5 booting via Net was, that i turned the diag
switch on, after having installed the Quadro-Ethernet-Board, and, as i
booted, it tried to boot via net.

Solution: Stop the boot ;-) , then turn diag switch off, and type boot.

Everythings fine, then!

Thanks a lot

Kai Schwermann

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