Summary: Windows NT shares printer with Solaris 2.x

Date: Sat Apr 06 1996 - 00:08:05 CST

Hi, I am really sorry I sent this summary to a wrong place and it seems
nobody has received this summary. So I think that the summary should be
sent again. Sorry again for this inconvenience.

My original question was:

> I am running Windows NT 3.51 and want to share printers with
> Solaris 2.4. It seems an extra driver is necessary. Could you tell
> me where I can get this? Or is there any other ways I can go?

The replies I got are:

Sun has a nice inexpensive (but not free) tool called LMserver (2.0)

Check SAMBA. I don't have the URL handy but you can search it using
any of the engine available onthe web.

Load the TCP/IP part of NT.
Then it will work that way.

Thanks very much.


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