SUMMARY: Windows NT printing to Solaris v2.5 Server

From: Robby Jackard (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 12:39:18 CST

Hello there, just wanted to update everyone on my earlier posting
about not being able to print from a Windows NT (v3.51) to a
UNIX (Solaris v2.5) Server. With the help of some individuals
on the Internet and the individual on the Microsoft Help Desk
I have included an excerpt explaining why it does not work!

My work around is to use the SUN SolarNet Lan Manager v2.0
product on my SUN Server. I have tested it and the NT
client can successfully print now. /smile/.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped me in achieving this

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As requested, I am sending you a cut-and-paste document to the release
notes found on the NT 3.51 Workstation CD in the following path:


Look under Chapter 4, Internetwork Printing with TCP/IP.

When using the lprmon utility (the printer is using the lpr port), you
should not use the Job Prints While Spooling option because print jobs
do not print efficiently.

Microsoft TCP/IP printing supports printing only to UNIX computers
running the LPD service (for example, Berkeley Software Distribution
(BSD) UNIX computers). Microsoft TCP/IP printing does not work with UNIX
computers running the LPSCHED daemon (for example, Sun Microsystems
System V computers).

System V-derived UNIX computer users may want to install a publicly
available LPD program on their computer, in order to support Microsoft
TCP/IP printing.

For LPDSVC to print to a Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server
computer network share using the universal naming convention (for
example, \\NTPRINTSERVER\HPLASER), the share must be designated as a
null share. Designate a null share by adding the share names to the
value of the following Registry key:


You must restart the computer for the change to take effect.
LPDSVC cannot print to network shares on a server running Microsoft LAN
Manager for OS/2.

As agreed, I am closing this issue. However, if you still have a
problem with it, please call back and have it reopened at no charge to

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>From amp36219 Wed Apr 3 11:21:49 1996
Subject: Windows NT printing to Solaris v2.5 Server
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        Hello there, I am having trouble getting a PC
        running Windows NT (Workstation) to print to a
        network printer on the UNIX side. The UNIX
        server is an Ultra Server running Solaris v2.5
        (no patches currently- build 11/95). I have
        searched SUN's sunsolve database and found nothing
        pertaining to this topic. I know there was
        a patch for Solaris v2.4 and NT printing (lpr
        protocol) but have not heard or seen anything
        for Solaris v2.5. I have included the two files
        I captured from the SUN spooling area and have not
        noticed anything out of the ordinary. Is anyone out
        there implementing the same type of setup ? Any help
        would be greatly appreciated. I will post a summary
        after I find a solution / workaround.
        Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks In Advance,
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