SUMMARY: JPEG Viewer for SunOS 4.1.4 & OpenWin 3

From: Dave (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 08:23:04 CST

  The overwhelming responce was XV, version 3.0. I have not downloaded
it to try, but I will get it sometime today.


 ...The "xv" program from is great...
 ...XV 3.10 at* is the best for this.
 ...lets you view jpg, gif, xwd, tiff and a load of other formats,

  Use xv! With it's VANTASTIC Visual Schnauzer to look at directories,
you can look at them as thumb-print sized listings! perfikto for
looking through those big piles of gif & jpegs.
John Bradley wrote a very nice program, and since he is such a great guy,
he even tells you how to update yourself within his program.
ftp on
For ONLY $40 you get a manual and a FREE registered copy!
(That's cheaper than most stores will sell just the manual!)
If you want 3.5 tar'd copy, then send $15 for the media to
 John Bradley
 1053 Floyd Terrace
 Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
 U.S. of A.

  An alternative:

  I would recommend ImageMagick. It's a bit of work to compile, as support
for various graphic file formats is not builtin but rather other freely
available graphic libraries are used. But once you have it up-and-running
you'll be V glad you put in the effort. Here's an excerpt from the
ImageMagick README:

> The author is This software is NOT
> shareware. However, I am interested in who might be using
> it. Please consider sending me a picture postcard of the area
> where you live. Send postcards to
> John Cristy
> 5 Middleton Lane
> Landenberg, PA 19350
> Anonymous FTP at, file
> contrib/applications/ImageMagick/ImageMagick-3.6.tar.gz. I
> want ImageMagick to be of high quality, so if you encounter a
> problem I will investigate. However, be sure you are using
> the most recent version from before submitting any
> bug reports or suggestions.

Another suggestion is xv which is also availble on the net.

  Thanks to those that replied:

Claude Charest <charest@CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
Gerhard den Hollander <>
Claus Assmann <> (Jonathan Walker) (Darren Kelham Unix Systems Admin)
Andre Saile <> (Jochen Bern)
Brad Young <>
Salvatore Saieva <> (Alan Hill)
John Bradley <>
"Antonio" <> (Jeff Wasilko)
Tim Carlson <> (Lorraine C. Williams)

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