SUMMARY: Developing bootable CDs

From: Pell Emanuelsson (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 10:55:35 CST

Nobody had done it. Suggestions included using standard Sun CDs and
augment with installation scripts on floppy (doesn't work: no floppy
drive), carrying around a preinstalled disk and just copy from there (not
feasible: more than 100 customer sites in different parts of the world).

Most said there's no problem writing CDs which can be read on Suns, but
it's not totally clear to me if they'd really written rock-ridge format,
but I'll assume so until I learn otherwise.

Thanks to:
Henning Frehe
Brad Young
Dan A. Zambon
Fedor Gnuchev
Geert Devos

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Original question:

> Managers, > > We're looking into writing our own CDs for doing initial/emergency > installations at customer sites. What we would like to do is having the > service technician do a "boot cdrom" and then a preconfigured Solaris > would be automatically installed without the many questions posed by the > normal Suninstall. Since we deliver the hardware as well, we can know > what disks and other peripherals to expect. At the moment we install > via DAT tape, but this has to be discontinued as the tape drive > manufacturer (HP) cannot guarantee that tapes written in one drive can be > read by another drive, even of the same type. > > Does anyone have experience with creating their own own bootable CDs? > E.g. which CD writers and software support the rock-ridge format? > Any gotchas or horror stories?

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