SUMMARY: compiling Xylogics Annex NA v9.2.12 on sun4u, S2.5

From: Steve Cole (
Date: Thu Apr 04 1996 - 09:58:58 CST

I found that compiling the Xylogics software (with my C source
modifications) was simple under Solaris 2.5 provided that I had
/usr/ucb/cc linked to GNU CC at /opt/gnu/bin/gcc so that it could find
all the compiler options it was looking for. However, there were a few
modifications and steps I had to take to make it work properly once it
was compiled. They are as follows:

a) edited the file install-annex (change permissions) and added this line:


The line was added into the defining section for Solaris 2.2 and higher.

I've found that adding the -mv8 in GCC does improve speed and code size
marginally. I found that -O2 made no difference in code size so I've
found that the '2' can do more harm than good in such circumstances.

b) ran the install-annex script and used -lnsl and -lsocket for the TLI
libraries. I tried -lelf and it ran (and was a smaller executable) but
the program dumped core with BUS errors and Segmentation Faults about
once every 5 minutes. It still does dump core, but only infrequently
now. -lresolv you may want to add - I haven't found it all that useful,
but NA will resolve full reverse names with the added library.

I use /opt/annex and /opt/annex/bfs as the install directories.

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