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Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 01:06:41 CST


thanks to the following, who responded to my question:

Steve Phelps <>
Leif Hedstrom <>
Ashish Parikh <ashish@Savantage.Com>
"\"\"Jeffrey B. Arnold\"\"" <>
Dave Zavatson <>
Bert Shure <>
Lewis Burgess <>
Chris Eastman <>

My original request:
> Hi there,
> we are going to install a central mailhub server. Therefore I'm looking
> for a (commercial) mail-software product instead of using the normal sendmail
> for the mailhub. I'm planning to use the sendmail-8.X version for the clients.
> Could anybody point me such products?

There were 2 votes for the sendmail 8.x and 1 vote for smail, both available
as Public Domain.

there were 4 votes for the new netscape Mail-Server. I tried it, but it doesn't
fit in our special environment.

Finally, there are 2 votes for Post.Office from Software Com
(look at I'll try it in the next days.

Beside this answers, I found Mail*Hub from Control Data. Next week, I'll some
closer informations about this product.

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