SUMMARY: SLC Memory test

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Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 04:09:41 CST

Original question:

>A problem occured with our diskless SLC. I tried to fix
>it and executed a memory test on monitor level.
>We had to change an EPROM. But something has remained
>set and the time consuming memory test is executed during
>every boot. Do you have any suggestions how could I switch
>it off ?

You can change the EEPROM parameters in two ways:

- on monitor level at the ok prompt by setenv
- from the operating system using the eeprom command

I had to change the diag-switch? parameter to false, e.g.:
ok setenv diag-switch? false

A very useful command to check what is set is printenv
at the ok prompt or eeprom without arguments in the
operating system.

Some people suggested to set the selftest-#megs parameter
to 0 or 1, but that was not a solution for my problem
(it was already set to 1 as default).

Many thanks to:
Bulent Ozunaldim <ozunal@Bilkent.EDU.TR>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Ken Ferguson <>
Russ Poffenberger <>
Adam Nevins <>
Rasana P. Atreya <>
Benjamin Cline <>
Paulo Licio de Geus <>


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