Summary: Sparcprinter Consumables and Repairs

Date: Mon Apr 01 1996 - 19:20:23 CST

Very sorry for the delayed summation.

The original post asked for sources for Sparcprinter drums and toners and
also printer repairs. I should have stated in my original post that I was
looking for sources OTHER than Sun and Xerox.

One vendor responded that they could get drums and toners but it did not
sound like it was a integral part of their business. One vendor said that
they did repairs but would not quote a price via email. We went with the
third vendor whos main business appears to be Sun printers. In the past 6
weeks we have had them recycle a sparcprinter drum and toner, a Newsprinter
toner, repair a Sparcprinter and send us a fuser assy for the Newsprinter.
All items worked perfectly and cost much less than Sun or Xerox.

We dealt with: Dennis Swindt, DCSI Corp., (206) 844-9500

Again, sorry for the delay.

Jim Morrison

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