SUMMARY: SPARC 1+ and type 4 kbd

From: William Bulley (
Date: Mon Apr 01 1996 - 14:28:29 CST

Original question:

   My type 4 keyboard doesn't produce shifted characters.
   I have a new-used SPARC 1+ to configure and can't produce
   "sd(0,0,0)" strings since the "(" and ")" characters are
   shifted "9" and "0" key strokes.

I neglected to say that the keyboard was a known-good type 4
keyboard being used for the express purpose of this install.


I got seven or eight responses, all of which said I had a bad
keyboard. And you know what? I had a bad keyboard! Duh... :-)

I can't believe the co-incidence of the (previously) known-good
type 4 keyboard going bad (in just this fashion) the very day
that I (really, really) wanted to configure and install this
SPARC 1+ new-used machine. I hate that when that happens... :-)

Anyway, I took the type 4 keyboard apart, cleaned the junk out,
and used a soft rubber, pencil eraser to burnish (buff?) the
bare copper pads beneath the shift key(s) and the other questionable
keys. Worked like a charm... Thanks guys for kicking me in the head!



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