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> We are looking to set up PPP on Solaris? Know where I can find an
> FAQ on the subject? What are the major pitfalls and what am I going
> to nee to know, fix?
I would Like to thank the many people who quickly responded to my
request. I am amazed at the number of Sun Managers who work around
the clock and on week ends and still take time to help others. Thank
you again.

I recieved many complete text of FAQs and Helpful documentation. I
have not included them in this summary but if some one does not have
access to the resources below and would like me to forward
information to them please contact me directly.

I recieved this Info which help to fill in some question.

- For Solaris 2.[3,4] there is an excellent document written by Michael
McKnight <> called 'Outbound PPP Setup Guide for
Solaris 2.x' which describes in great detail how you *CAN* do dynamic IP
addressing despite Sun saying it can not been done. I've used that method
for several months and it worked great. The URL of the document is:

- For Solaris 2.5 it is dead easy. All you need to do is to put

negotiate_address on

into your /etc/ and Solaris will accept any decent address.

If you have maintenance and access to SunSolve, there is also a very good
InfoDoc on PPP by SunService (infodoc/11976) which together with 'Celeste's
Tutorial on Modems and Terminals' are, IMHO the holy books of PPP and comms..
URL of the Celeste's Tutorial is

I was given this bit of advice as well.
   Major pitfalls are knowing your modem's capabilities and control strings.

The following is a list of sources of information

Get InfoDoc 11976 from SunSolve .
It is as excellent reference and cookbook on PPP.

Get InfoDoc 2292 from SunSolve .
It is Celeste's Guide to serial comms on Solaris.

Information available through www:
     This is the sunmanager documents searchable through the web.

 PPP protocol supperted by Sun's Asynchronous PPP:

Check out Celeste's Tutorial on Solaris 2.x Modems & Terminals

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