SUMMARY:How to determine file activity

From: Strafford Walton (
Date: Sun Mar 31 1996 - 07:03:27 CST

At a glance, it appears that detailed file activity isn't readily available.
Ref original question at the bottom of this mail.

A couple of helpful people suggested to look at

Although I have yet to check these out, they have some info on custom
monitoring tools.

lsof ( and fuser (man fuser)
will show open files.

truss or strace may be worth further investigation (man truss, man strace)

Many thanks to those who responded ...
Dale Sears,
Andrew Rakowski
Leif Hedstrom
Petros Michalis

> Hello Sun Managers,
> iostat and vmstat provide details of disk activity and processor/memory
> activity. Is there a way of obtaining details of activity of files,
> something like top but for files? For example, top provides cpu and
> memory usage on a per process basis. What will show read/write counts
> and response times for files ?
> will post summary.
> Thanks in advance.

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