SUMMARY: Solstice Backup use

From: Marc Gibian (gibian@typhoon)
Date: Thu Mar 28 1996 - 16:19:25 CST

It would seem that almost no one uses Solstice Backup as I recieved
replies from only one individual. I got some sample directives, though
I still have no solution to my pre-backup lock/post-backup unlock
problem. I am quite distressed at this latter point as it means I must
continue to run dump/ufsdump backups for the data that I am unable to
lock during Solstice Backup runs. Finally, I have learned that one can
not combine Solstice Backup base licenses (and I spent 5 years of my
career writting software licensing systems?).

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My customer just purchased Solstice Backup as their network backup
facility. While I am familiar with this tool, I do have a couple of
issues I have not had to handle in the past:

1. Are there any compatibility issues surrounding Solstice Backup and
the use of Solstice Disksuite? I have made heavy use of Disksuite on
my server, striping the majority of my disk space, using logging for
all but the root and audit filesystems, and mirroring the Disksuite
trans log. Do I need to do anything special due to my Disksuite usage?

2. Has anyone setup special processing for the backup of application
database areas that need pre-backup "locking" and post-backup
"unlocking"? If so, how did you handle this issue? I need to do this
for my ClearCase code libraries as to back then up without locking is
to make the backup almost pointless.

3. I have only one server, though I have both a server license and a
Solstice Backup server/10 client license (and additional client
license packages). Any suggestions on how to handle off-site backups &
archive snapshots vs. normal nightly "crash protection" & short-term
"cockpit error protection" backups?

Any other suggestions you might have for a new configuration?

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