SUMMARY: hanging sparc 10, 4.1.4

From: S. Cowles (scowles@toolik.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Tue Mar 26 1996 - 14:26:54 CST

> Configuration:
> Sparc 10, SunOS 4.1.4, no patches
> Problem:
> This machine is heavily used for number crunching, development,
> and CAP service. In the evening, when the system dump processes
> are kicked off, it hangs. Messages in /var/adm show many
> "NFS getattr failed" messages to the two NFS servers it is hitting
> heaviest for its number crunching duties. Back on the tape host
> where the remote dump processes are initiated, the remote dump
> process for this host is hung.

>From Fedor Gnuchev <>,

New Patches Released Since Last Report:
103275-01 SunOS 4.1.4: System with heavy NFS load may crash due to IP driver bug

We have streamlined our NFS traffic and will be installing this
patch. Thanks for the replies from the list!


S. Cowles, PhD
Informatics Project Leader
Stanford Human Genome Center
Stanford University
Department of Genetics
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Palo Alto, CA 94304

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